Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Love may not make the world spin around, but it certainly makes a lot of people dizzy.

Well its come to that time of year again where the hunt for valentines gifts start again. Those with partners desperately looking for those unique gifts that will make him smile, others that completely forget about it and buy the flowers from the garage on their way home from work.Valentines Day Gifts have become so commercial that its time to make a change!  Remember Valentines day isn't just for your partners but also for your much loved friends.

So here are a few valentine day tips and links to get you started

Dont go commercial - Commercial valentines gifts are slowly losing their credibility. Who wants something that thousands of other people have got!

Think Unique! - Valentines Gifts should be personalised, and should be a unique gift tailored to the recipient

Clinton Cards and other major card retailers - JUST NO! If you aren't the creative type and cant make a card visit a site such as moonpig or funky pidgeon to create a tailored card or even a photo card for that personal touch.

GO HANDMADE - Plenty of sites are now promoting handmade gifts for example FolksyEtsy

here are a few of my favorite Valentines Gifts

Well those are my picks from the rest of the web here are a few valentines gift ideas from my own shop

So remember giving a unique gift is the way forward. Your Gift will be memorable and most of all a special way to say "I Love You"


  1. Oooo some fab things there * sigh * if only DH would read this ^ copys n pastes an email ! ^

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my painted message-on-a-heart!

    A lovely collection of Valentine's gifts!

  3. I so agree, go handmade everytime.


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